Friday, November 20, 2009

Olympic Torch Relay Coming to Elmvale

The Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay is coming to Springwater Township! The relay will visit Elmvale on Tuesday December 29th, and everyone is invited to come out and be a part of Olympic history!
The community-wide celebration includes multi-generational family-oriented sporting events, and an 'Olympic Race' around the Elmvale Community."We encourage all residents to come out to Elmvale on the morning of December 29th to help welcome the relay," said Mayor Guergis. This is a chance for everyone to be a part of Olympic history, and to get an up-close view of the torch as it passes through our community.
Springwater's Jason Harris will be a part of Olympic history as he carries the Olympic Torch in Elmvale on its way to the winter games in Vancouver. Jason is co-owner of Orr Lake Golf Club in Springwater Township, and was named a Torchbearer by iCoke, after making a commitment to be more physically and environmentally active.
"I’m excited to be a part of the 2010 Olympic Torch Relay," said Jason. "Carrying the torch in my own community will make it even more memorable."
Let's show our support for this important event and join in the celebration.
Check out the Township website for more information.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Help Springwater Council Develop a new Township Motto

Our Councillors are struggling with choosing a new motto to accompany the new logo they approved a couple of months ago. To me, none of the proposals speak to the unique rural blend of tight communities and agriculture that makes Springwater special. It is unfortunate that the council did not make this an exciting competition open to the residents of the township. I am sure quite a few people may have provided suggestions.

Here is what the experts at Y Factor suggested.

United Today for Tomorrow
The Star of SimcoeCounty
Routes for Life
Connect with Neighbours and Nature
The Heart of Simcoe County
In Harmony Today and Tomorrow
Past, Present, Future in Harmony
Scenic Vistas and Friendly People
Nature’s Junction
Live Here –Naturally
Traditional Values in Modern Communities
A Perfectly Balanced Lifestyle

If you have an opinion, contact your ward councillor or the Mayor with your suggestions. The Mayor was quite annoyed that council did not confirm "The Heart of Simcoe County" at Monday's Council Meeting. He lobbied hard at the last meeting to get it passed. Maybe you can help the impass by providing some ideas.
On the other hand, at the meeting in Elmvale back in the Spring, I mentioned that I saw nothing wrong with the motto former Mayor John Brown had chosen. Even though "A Refreshing Experience", sounds like a bottled water company it spoke better to what Springwater is, compared to the list above.

Friday, November 6, 2009

A Vision for Sustainable Communities

Dr. Michael Powell on behalf of the Elmvale Foundation, in a very articulate and impromptu address to the Corporate Services Committee today, outlined a visionary approach to grow towards a sustainable future by involving all the stakeholders. He emphasized the need to focus on the key elements of air, water and soil in our plans for the future. We must seek the cure rather than just focus on the bandaid solutions of land fills and incineration when it comes to waste and recycle management.
It was somewhat disappointing to see members of the committee talk about reasons of why it won't work rather than embracing the concept. Some even suggested that maybe someone else should try it first.
I was disappointed that the committee only received the report rather than passing a motion to have the Elmvale Foundation directly involved with developing the waste strategy of the future for our County.
I would hope Dr. Powell would consider a similar delegation to Springwater Council as it may be an ideal municipality to undertake his visionary approach.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

G-Force Misfires this time

The Springwater Council was quite civilized on Monday Nov 2. The Mayor and Deputy Mayor were quite cordial, so I don't know what will come of the fireworks from Oct 15th where Deputy Mayor Hope challenged Mayor Guergis on a number of items.However it appears that Mayor Guergis was about to pull one of his usual tricks when it came to Item 2 on the correspondence/action items under the heading "Resolution from the Township of Essa regarding the Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority", requesting an independent review of services and fees. On the surface it sounds harmless and could even be considered being good stewards of the taxpayers money. When it appeared that council would not be supporting the resolution, Mayor Tony pulled out his delay weapon, THE DEFFERAL. He suggested the matter should be deferred until a later time when more information was forthcoming. In real terms what he meant, "Let's not record that we are not supportive of the Essa Resolution where my brother Dave is Mayor".For those that have been following the saga with the NVCA, Mayor Dave Guergis in Essa first attempted to have it disbanded. When that approach failed, he seems to be doing everything he can to put stumbling blocks in their way to prevent them from doing their job. I am not saying the NVCA is perfect but its the best we have to prevent uncontrolled growth on questionable flood plains such as the undeveloped property beside the No Frills store in Angus. I wonder who owns that property?
Anyway, the Spingwater Township Councillors after months of being dragged down by his one man Site 41 show, ignored the mayor's deferral request and passed a resolution to "not endorse" the resolution provided by Essa. It was good to see the Springwater councillors stand up to the Mayor's rather persuasive ways. I think we will see more of that independent thinking for the rest of the term.